5 Highlights from the WVC Product Review

Last March, the Medical Advisory Board sat down with 28 vendors at WVC to get updates on new products, technologies, and medicines. Some companies and products really stood out to us, and we have highlighted our favorite five. We have also provided summaries of the other products we viewed so you may determine if they’re right for your own hospital.


Idexx is utilizing the large amount of data they collect to glean new medical insights which will help us make better clinical decisions. Through data analysis, they have found that exposure to Ehrlichia and Lyme disease is linked to an increased risk of chronic kidney disease. The SDMA test is also now available for in-clinic machine testing as well as lab testing.

Here are some helpful links:

2. Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets

Purina now carries two lines of food for kidney disease in cats. Early Care NF is available for the IRIS stage I and II patients. It provides a moderate, high-quality protein, restricted-phosphorus diet to help maintain lean body mass. Advanced Care NF is available for the IRIS stage III and IV patients. This diet has a reduced amount of high-quality protein, with the other same diet features as Early Care NF. Both diets are energy dense and highly palatable. Neurocare is still available. There are ongoing studies to evaluate the potential of this diet for a treatment of epilepsy and also for use with patients with cognitive dysfunction. Purina also offers a home delivery program for clients and a staff feeding program.

Download these documents to learn more:

3. Anivac Animal Cleaning System

The Anivac Cleaning System provides a unique technology for dog bathing. It uses multiple small water nozzles that clean from the skin up and away from the body and also has suction to pull the dirty water off the pet. This allows for the efficient removal of skin flakes and dirt that would otherwise stay on the skin surface. This method allows bathing the pet on a table and uses approximately 90% less water. There are mobile units and a large in-clinic unit available. There are also attachments to allow for cleaning of the hospital utilizing the same water-and-vacuum system.

Watch this video to learn more about the Anivac animal bathing system.

4. Clarius Portable Ultrasound

The Clarius Portable Ultrasound for Veterinary is a hand-held ultrasound unit that provides great image quality. The unit is an enclosed processor that can be used with any iOS or Android tablet or phone. This compact device has no wires and is extremely portable. The software includes cloud storage and image management capabilities.

Learn more about Clarius Ultrasound here.

5. EuthaBag

EuthaBag is a professional body bag for deceased patients in the hospital. This would help prevent the use of garbage bags for deceased pets and helps to preserve the dignity of the animal after its death and comfort of staff and pet parents. The lining and bag are made from a waterproof post-consumer recycled material. The bags come in five sizes from XS (exotic size) to XL (up to 190 lbs). The bags also have integrated handles for easier lifting of large animals. The Euthabag is suitable for both cremation and burials.

Learn more about EuthaBag here.

Other Products Presented to the MAB at WVC

Solutions by Design
Montage is an interactive display available for both in-room interaction and reception room displays. The displays have a whiteboard that allows interactive photos and drawings to be texted or emailed to the client’s phone immediately. Interactive widgets can keep clients educated and entertained while waiting in the exam room. Montage can help capture client and patient photos and integrate into your social media platforms. Trupanion Pet Insurance, Purina, and Virbac all have integration to keep clients involved. There is a subscription fee to keep up the services on the monitors.

Ortho Med
A new technique to treat cruciate rupture. The Modified Macquet Procedure (MMP) uses a titanium porous wedge that encourages bone growth. There is training for placement of the implant. NC State has been using this technique. They also have the Ridge Stop available for luxating patella.

Henry Schein
PractiVet provides needle-free fluid therapy products. Needle-free catheter systems and IV lines have a decreased chance of contamination and also cut costs from additional injection caps and needles. The needle-free administration sets are competitively priced with standard IV lines. PractiVet also has a Smart Y line which is very helpful for body cavity fluid drainage. The Smart Y line helps eliminate the need for a stopcock. They also have fluid pumps available. PractiVet provided important information about making sure that fluid pumps are calibrated: it is recommended to evaluate fluid pumps in the hospital to make sure they are accurate and if they are not accurate making sure it gets calibrated.

Download the Infusion Pump Accuracy Test document here.

Lacuna Diagnostics
Lacuna provides quick, accurate pathology results for aspirate slides and blood smears. After a patient is seen and pathologist consult is needed digital images of the prepared slide will be captured. These images will be attached with patient case information and uploaded to the Lacuna Diagnostics cloud platform. In less than 2 hours, a full report will be returned via email in a PDF format that can be imported into practice software.

BI has a study coming out showing that giving Nexgard can prevent Lyme disease. Their Recombitek Oral Bordetella is now available. Needle-free administration offers a low-stress vaccination. Can be given to puppies 8 weeks and older. The vaccination is backed by a $5,000 guarantee. There are several new products being researched to bring to market soon.

Catego is a topical feline flea and tick preventative. It features the same smooth tip applicator as Vectra. It is licensed to be used in all cat sizes over 1.5 pounds and 8 weeks and older and kills fleas, ticks and lice through contact.

Royal Canin
GI packs are now available. These prepackaged go-home kits are a nice combination of wet and dry food, a location to put medication, and the ability to write additional instructions for the client on the sturdy cardboard carrying box. The kit includes the newly available 1.5 pound bag of dry GI low fat which is also available separately. This a very simple way to send home either a starter kit for pets needing to be on the GI low-fat diet or those patients recovering from acute GI disease. Satiety support for cats is available in wet and dry forms. There is a claim to decrease begging behavior and also contains the S/O index. Please contact your local representative for rebates and special offers on these products.

TenVision Ultrasound
This is a company that provides refurbished and upgraded ultrasound machines. They offer a 30-day risk-free program to allow the buyer to see if the ultrasound is right before a commitment is made. They are currently compiling an online training resource. Vet Vision offers ultrasound training, delivery, and service.

Merck has a bivalent H3N2 and H3N8 canine influenza vaccine. They have been providing CE and information about the H3N2 outbreak since 2015. is an excellent resource for client and clinic education about the influenza virus itself and vaccination protocols. There also is new data on the spread of CIV and how the virus is not mutating as much as the human flu does. Bravecto is still available as a 3-month preventative for fleas and ticks and is available for both dogs and cats. Heroes for Healthy Pets is an infectious disease control and prevention certification program that is available for your hospital. Register for free at Heroes for Healthy Pets.

Learn about The Heroes for Healthy Pets certification program here. Learn more about Dog Flu treatment here.

Epica Animal Health
Vimago 3-D Volumetric Scanner is a new diagnostic imaging unit. One machine that allows for CT, HD 3D volumetric scanner, fluoroscopy, dental radiography, and interventional imaging. It is extremely safe for staff and can be moved through a standard 32” door. The machine creates impressive images that are great for diagnosis but also provide imaging clients can understand.

K/D is now available with an early support diet for stage 1 renal disease feline patients. The Early Care K/D provides 13% more high-quality digestible protein than the current K/D diet. Most diets have Enhanced Appetite Trigger (E.A.T.) technology which has helped decrease incidence of returned diets and increased palatability. This also has a bladder shield that promotes a urinary environment that reduces the risk of developing struvite and calcium oxalate crystals.

Alfaxan is an injectable anesthetic available for both dog and cats. It is compatible with other drugs and pre-medications utilized for surgery and sedation. It has a large safety margin and can be used in debilitated and sick patients as well. Alfaxan has been utilized in Australia for over 15 years. Jurox representatives are available for in-clinic training and discussion on bringing the product into the hospital.
This is a mobile self-shielded cone CT scanner. Primarily set to scan and show pictures of the head especially for dentals. Results are available within a minute. Scans are compatible with PACS and other CT viewing software. This scanner has an automated cloud backup and web-based viewing.

Midmark Digital Radiographic System provides one-shot calibration with cloud storage and remote viewing. The Midmark product portfolio now includes stainless steel cages, runs, and surgical tables. Anesthetic training is also available.

Credelio is a monthly oral flea and tick preventative for dog and puppies of 8 weeks of age and older. Bronchi-shield injectable is available as Bordetella alone or including Bronchi-shield III which has both Bordetella and parainfluenza for clinics who want to keep parainfluenza vaccine yearly with a 3-year DHPP protocol. Elanco is also leading the way with the Fear Free Partnership.

Entyce is an appetite stimulant available for short-term use and off-label chronic use. Entyce has excellent safety data. Galliprant is an anti-inflammatory and pain medication. Nocita is a bupivacaine liposome injectable suspension for local, long-acting analgesia for up to 72 hours. A single dose can be administered by infiltration injection into the tissues of orthopedic or soft tissue surgery.

Portion Pro Rx is a feeding system that controls portions, feeding times, and can be specific for one pet in the household. This could be useful for prescription diets or households with a food thief. Uses a radiofrequency tag (RFID) on the collar of the pet to notify the device when to open and close, allowing access to the food. Separate RFID tags can be used to keep a food thief from taking food even when the allowed pet is next to the unit. This will be intended as a prescription for clients through the vet community.

Digital thermal camera with a +/- 1 degree Celsius sensitivity. This has the potential to be utilized with other modalities to help identify areas of pain or increased inflammation. There appears to be good data to support use for identifying thyroid issues in cats. For clinics with laser therapy, this may be useful to pair together to help localize where to use the laser.

Blue Buffalo
Alligator novel protein therapeutic diet is now available in both canned and dry food. The food is ELISA tested for purity before release.

A Note on Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is a technology and advancement in medicine that has several different applications and methods. One method is stem cell therapy, which usually involves harvesting fat from the patient and submitting to a lab for analysis and concentration. The lab will send the clinic an injectable product of stem cells. There is much debate about how to determine how many viable stem cells are retrieved from these labs and products.

A second method is also platelet-rich plasma (PRP) products. There are several manufacturers of in-clinic kits that allow for harvesting PRP products. This process usually involves using blood from the patient and an in-house kit to retrieve the product. Some companies use the patient’s blood in addition to their own protein matrix to help enhance the regenerative effects of the product.

When deciding if regenerative medicine has a place in your practice, please make sure you understand the controversy surrounding this therapy. Education about the lab you use as well as the legality of its products use is very important. AVMA has a statement that is worth checking out before expanding into this area of medicine.

To read more, see FDA Guidance for Industry #218 and the AVMA policy on stem cells.

Vet Stem PRP injections
Vet Stem has both stem cell therapy and veterinary platelet enhancement therapy systems. Vet Stem Cell therapy includes submission of adipose tissue cells which are processed and concentrated for autologous injectable treatment. The V-PET provides an all-inclusive kit that uses gravity filtration in a closed sterile system. The product can be used for arthritis, tendon and ligament injuries, wound healing, and corneal ulcers. Continuing education is available for doctors and staff for stem cell therapy.

Owl Manor Veterinary
Restigen PRP (Platelet Buffy Coat Concentration System) is available in a box of six individually packaged sterilized kits. Restigen is a proprietary platelet isolation device that maximizes platelet recovery, capture, and concentration. Blood processing is done in less than 15 minutes after the blood draw. This process does require centrifugation.

MediVet Biologics Systems
Provides clinics with options for stem cell treatment and/or PRP therapy. This company also provides shipping services for Stem Cell samples to smaller clinics.

Arthrex Vet Solutions
Provides products for both regenerative medicine and orthopedic hardware. ACP and Angel System are available to provide PRP in a syringe system or automated system to allow cellular adjustments. Jumpstart is a micro-current material that can be used on wounds to provide faster healing. Material and hardware available for CCL Swivelock; Tightrope and TPLO plates.

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The Medical Advisory Board

Special to NVA, our Medical Advisory Board functions as an expert board of veterinarians dedicated to improving the comfort and well being of patients by providing progressive veterinary care guidance.

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