TOOLS & TECHNOLOGY · July 13th, 2018

The New AVImark Update

by Ashley Greer


AVImark has recently made some big changes and improvements. The latest software release will include more than 85 program enhancements like faster load times, better reporting, and IDEXX integrations as well as upgrades for reminders, wellness plans, and credit card processing.

The Help Desk will begin rolling out the update to general practice hospitals this summer. Hospital leaders will receive an invitation to schedule their installation in August. All updates will be made after business hours to avoid disruption of daily operations.

What’s new?

Avimark has posted a complete list of enhancements, changes, and features here. These are some of the highlights:

  • Effortlessly handle credit card payments with Elavon Credit Card processor integration
  • Save time and avoid manual entry by editing IDEXX VetConnect Plus requisitions directly within AVImark
  • Create requests and update PCS works lists with IDEXX PACS integration (Note: You must also have the IDEXX version 4.2.3 or higher.)
  • Quickly view lab results and diagnostic trends with Axis-Q Lens — a new tool that’s free for all AVImark clients (Watch this video to see how it works)
  • Easily apply doctor and staff discounts for IDEXX tests
  • Email invoices directly from the AVImark Invoice Window
  • View spouse’s cell phone from CID

What been fixed?

AVIMark has also optimized performance in 16 major areas of the system. A complete list of corrections is available in the release notes. Here are some of the improvements:

  • The best available discount is automatically applied to PawPlan patients
  • Discounts automatically terminate when a patient’s PawPlan expires
  • Estimate entries refresh automatically if entry is surcharged
  • Reminders no longer display on the patient tab when date = to “None”
  • “No reminders due” no longer displays on documents when the patient has current reminders
  • Increased performance when running the Period Totals report
  • Removing an item from Medical History no longer changes the price of the (same) item in medical history below it
  • The <estimate> and <estimate-range> merge word no longer inserts a ^p when there is a line break in treatment comments
  • Creating an estimate from the MCR now includes inventory used when the Tx has inventory linked to it
  • Wellness Plan details print to Excel
  • LifeLearn documents no longer print an error where the clinic letterhead should display
  • To replace “Refill”, you can now Right Click and select “Re-Enter” for entries without a drug label

For a more information on other enhancements and fixes download these documents:

Any issues that remain after this installation can be brought to the AVImark team at a future update.

Please contact the Help Desk with any update questions at

Ashley Greer


Support Center | Agoura Hills

Ashley is a member of the Business Operations team and serves as our resident AVImark specialist. She has two house horses (i.e. Great Danes): Isis, her laid-back 9-year-old, sleeps most of the day, and Nyx, who is 4, is extremely entertaining and full of energy. Both are full time babies.

2 Responses

  1. Pam says:

    Not sure what MCR means, but if it has anything to do with canned estimates, will this update pre-existing canned estimates or will I have to redo them?

    • Ashley Greer says:

      Hi Pam,
      The MCR is the “Medical Condition Record”. The fix for estimates when building from the MCR is for patient specific estimates and not for the canned estimates. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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