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8 Excellent Examples of Engaging Facebook Posts

by Christy Johnson


Facebook is a powerful way to stay connected with clients and generate awareness for new services, events or promotions. But with more than 60 million businesses posting on Facebook every day, getting your message to stand out can be a challenge. And understanding what will resonate with pet parents isn’t always obvious.

That’s why we’ve collected some of the most engaging Facebook posts from around the NVA community and outlined why they work and what we can learn from them. We hope these posts inspire you to create content that generates more shares, likes, clicks and follows.

1. Family Pet Hospital – “Post Your Dog’s Photo”

What makes Family Pet Hospital’s post so engaging:

  • The big, bold text in the graphic can’t be missed.
  • It asks a question that pet owners love to answer.
  • Clients LOVE to share photos of their pets.

2. Northeast Indiana Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital – “Easter Lilies”

What makes NIVES’s post so engaging:

  • The content is useful, which prompts users to share it with their friends.
  • The fun and adorable image grabs our attention.
  • It reminds clients that the hospital is looking out for its patients.

3. Clarke Animal Hospital – “Dr. Harden’s 25th Anniversary”

What makes Clarke Animal Hospital’s post so engaging:

  • The text is witty, fun and lighthearted, which matches the hospital’s culture.
  • Clients enjoy reading news about staff.
  • The post is authentic and inviting. The hospital speaks to clients like family.

4. Westside Animal Hospital – “Cuties Need a Home”

What makes Westside Animal Hospital’s post so engaging:

  • It shows the heart behind the business.
  • It unites the community around a common cause: finding these kittens a home.
  • The photo grabs people’s attention and brings the story to life.

5. Clarke Animal Hospital – “What Do You Tell Your Pets?”

What makes Clarke Animal Hospital’s post so engaging:

  • The big, bold text in the graphic stands out in a user’s timeline.
  • Asking a question encourages followers to engage.
  • The question is relatable and shows authenticity.
  • The hospital reacts to client’s comments, which proves they’re listening.

6. Northgate Small Animal Hospital – “Use Only Emojis”

What makes Northgate Small Animal Hospital’s post so engaging:

  • It’s a creative and fun way to learn more about their followers.
  • Clients love talking about their pets (even in emoji form).
  • It’s a departure from the usual sales pitch seen in many business posts.
  • The hospital reacts to client’s comments, which makes them feel important and appreciated.

7. PetSuites Worthington – “The Pool is Open!”

What makes PetSuites Worthington’s post so engaging:

  • Videos are one of the most popular forms of content on Facebook.
  • The video clip gives clients a peek behind the scenes and reminds them their pet is in good hands.
  • The internet was built for videos of animals playing with each other. People can’t help watching this.
  • A group shot encourages several pet parents to share and show off to their friends.

8. Brighton-Eggert Animal Clinic and Pet Resort – “Our Booth at Dog Days”

What makes Brighton-Eggert’s post so engaging:

  • Short and simple videos that offer a behind-the-scenes peek are a great way to boost engagement.
  • It shows the hospital is active in their community.
  • Expressing gratitude to clients often prompts a reaction — they feel appreciated.


A Final Word

Every month, the NVA Marketing team curates content and can post it on your behalf to Facebook and Twitter. The material we deliver focuses on general pet wellness, fun facts, holidays and animal interest stories. But the best way to ensure your content remains interesting and engaging to your clients is to focus on what matters most to your own community.

You know your clients best. You know what makes your hospital or pet resort unique. Take that knowledge and apply these tactics:

  • Ask questions
  • Incorporate photos of patients
  • Share humorous or inspirational stories
  • Deliver health and wellness info specific to your area
  • Interact with your followers
  • Post news about your clinic and staff

And above all, be yourself. That’s always the best way to stand out from the crowd.

If you have any questions about Facebook or social media engagement, contact our Marketing Team at

Christy Johnson


Support Center | Agoura Hills, CA

Christy originally joined NVA as an intern and is now a member of our Marketing Team. She serves the community by supporting our hospitals’ social media and online reputation efforts. She has a 13-year-old cat named Pumpkin who constantly keeps her on her toes!

3 Responses

  1. Joette De Fratus says:

    Great article, Christy! Lots of fun and engaging post ideas for Facebook.

  2. Lily says:

    Great “Easter Lilies” photo

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