PAW PLANS · July 18th, 2018

PAWS for a Cause

by Adrian Palacios


Our PAW Plans team is always exploring new ways to help hospitals deliver more care to more pets. While they provide several resources to promote wellness and boost PAW Plan enrollments, some hospitals have found success with their latest pilot program, PAWS for a Cause.

The idea behind the program is simple: Hospitals partner with their favorite local shelter, pet rescue or animal care organization. For every pet they enroll in PAW Plans, a portion of the enrollment fee goes toward animals in need. The donation is a selling point for many clients, who can feel good not just about purchasing preventive care for their pet but helping other animals find forever homes.

PAWS for a Cause helps hospitals:

  • Boost PAW Plan enrollments
  • Increase delivery of more preventive care to more pets
  • Drive client affinity and loyalty
  • Promote team building and morale
  • Benefit the local community

On May 5th Merrimack Veterinary Hospital partnered with Ruff Tails Rescue to hold a successful PAWS for a Cause event at a local New Hampshire brewery. Their “Cinco de Mutto” celebration raised awareness for PAW Plans in their community, enabled ten families to apply for adoption and helped four pups find their forever homes!

“PAWS for a Cause is a wonderful program,” said Lauren Baldwin, Merrimack’s Hospital Manager. “Merrimack raised enough money to donate a year of free wellness to every dog that got adopted. Our team could not have been happier. We not only helped these pups find new homes, but their families have plans to care for them in the future.”

A few of the pups up for adoption at “Cinco de Mutto”: Merrimack Veterinary Hospital’s PAWS for a Cause event.

Merrimack’s event went so well that they were invited by the New Hampshire Brewers Association to host another event this month. Their new goal? Double the adoptions and double the wellness plan enrollments.

Bay Glen Animal Hospital in Houston is also piloting the PAWS for a Cause program. In June, an increase in new PAW Plan enrollments helped them deliver a $2000 donation to Friends For Life Animal Rescue and Adoption Organization. “Our entire team is dedicated to providing as many pets with the best veterinary care as possible,” said Bay Glen’s Hospital Manager Stephanie Goding. “And we believe PAWS for a Cause is the purr-fect solution!”

Dr. Robert Trevino and Hospital Manager Stephanie Goding present a check to their Pause for a Cause partner.

PAWS for Cause is still in the pilot phase, but if you’re interested in learning more about the program, read the official marketing guide. It contains a roadmap for planning and implementing the program at your hospital. It also includes all the tools, resources and templates required for promotion, including:

  • Community outreach talking points and email copy
  • E-blast and flyer templates
  • Social media messaging
  • Sample press release
  • In-clinic promotion tactics

If you have any questions about this program or other PAW Plans promotions please contact Karen Joseph.

The Merrimack Veterinary Hospital team at “Cinco de Mutto” — a PAWS for a Cause event.

Adrian Palacios


Support Center | Agoura Hills, CA

Adrian serves the NVA community by managing internal communications. Feel free to contact him about the information, business initiatives, stories, and successes our community doesn’t know about yet, but should. He lives in Los Angeles with Finley, a Blue Nose Pitbull, and Madison, a black-nosed-dairy-cow-patterned-bully-breed mix.

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