WELLNESS & SELF-CARE · February 25th, 2019

The 21-Day Gratitude Challenge

by Turpin Mott


At the Community Gathering in November, we introduced the 21-Day Gratitude Challenge. Once a day for three weeks, local leaders agreed to look for the good around them and express appreciation for the people (and animals) in their life. The purpose? To help foster positive changes within themselves and a culture of well-being among their team. As noted in one of my previous articles, the regular practice of gratitude can bring with it a multitude of benefits including more joy, more appreciation for the good things, and greater peace of mind.

For the next 21 days, I would like to invite everyone in our community to join the challenge! Every day, show some small act of gratitude, such as thanking a teammate for help with a project, giving a family member an unexpected hug or compliment, or showing a bit of kindness to a stranger.

The catch? Each action must be new and different.

It sounds easy enough, but there are a few things watch out for:

  • The first week, you may want to act in familiar ways that aren’t too disruptive or outside your comfort zone. That’s okay.
  • By the second week, actions may get harder as you are challenged to think of new ways to show appreciation.
  • By the final week, you may start to feel more confident as the challenge stretches your creative abilities and you express gratitude in ways you never thought you might!

Most importantly, with each passing day, you’ll find this simple activity can lead to surprising and even transformative results, including:

  • Disrupting your routines in life-affirming ways, possibly including new, positive habits that can change your view of the world!
  • Creating an upward spiral of well-being. This is the result of taking these small actions alongside one another. You feel good, others feel good, and your whole team becomes more courageous and creative.
  • Building a community and a culture of well-being within your team and throughout NVA by sharing and showing gratitude.

One sure-fire way to stay on track with your 21-Day Gratitude Challenge is to create a Gratitude Wall in your break room, staff lounge, or common area of your hospital or pet resort.

At the Support Center, we’ve recently set up two Gratitude Walls: One in our Agoura Hills office in the hallway behind Large Conference Room and another in the lounge at the CSC.

If you’re a support team member, today is the perfect day to begin your gratitude challenge: Find the nearest Gratitude Wall and write about something you are thankful for!

Contributing to a Gratitude Wall not only keeps the challenge top of mind but encourages others to participate, too!

Does your team have a unique way of expressing gratitude? Share it with us in the comments below!

Turpin Mott


Support Center | Boulder, CO

Turpin officially joined NVA in July 2015 after having worked as a consultant with the company for the previous eight years in a variety of organizational development roles. He has extensive experience in facilitating and guiding leaders and teams to increase efficiency, capacity, and collaboration. He helps create solid foundations for individuals and teams based on accountability, integrity, authenticity, and responsibility which directly impacts the success of the organization. Turpin is also a Combat Action Veteran, having served with the United States Marine Corps in Desert Shield and Desert Storm in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. He attended Louisiana State University.

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  1. Lauri says:

    I am grateful that I can spend time with others in my support group at monthly dinners set up at various restaurants that accommodate those who are disabled.

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