MAB RESOURCES · June 9th, 2020

Medical Mentorship: Supporting DVMs in Their First Year

The Framework for Medical Mentorship is a collection of customizable resources to help General Practice hospitals guide and mentor a new DVM or graduate that recently joined their team. Assets include:

  • Foundation for medical competencies
  • Proposed timeline for a mentee’s first year of medical practice
  • Guidance on building a successful mentor-mentee relationship
  • Resources for documenting and evaluating performance

The competencies listed in the guide cover areas most common in the first year of service to ensure there are no gaps in practice. Mentors can tailor the list to address advanced procedures or specialty areas. Handbooks for hospitals and mentees are also available to help outline expectations, develop a meeting cadence, establish a timeline, and articulate the importance of the mentor relationship. The evaluation forms included serve as guides to support the progress and performance of both the mentee and mentor.

The Medical Advisory Board created this framework to help NVA hospitals build their own successful medical mentorship programs and appeal to new graduates in the recruiting process. The content was informed by the experience and expertise of several veterinarians, associate veterinarians, licensed and certified technicians, and hospital managers in our community.

You can download the documents on NVA Share here. We hope these resources assist you and your practice in determining how to best support and mentor your new veterinary team members.

The Medical Advisory Board

Special to NVA, our Medical Advisory Board functions as an expert board of veterinarians dedicated to improving the comfort and well being of patients by providing progressive veterinary care guidance.

Please reach out to them with questions or ideas on how they can help optimize your daily practice life. Email them at

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