MAB PILOT STUDY · July 1st, 2020

Scopio: A Telemedicine Platform for Digital Cytology

The NVA Medical Advisory Board is focused on telemedicine as one of the expanding frontiers in our industry. Consistent with our goal to further explore this area, the MAB conducted a pilot of the remote cytology analysis system Scopio in the Spring of 2019. This technology pioneers the use of computational photography to rapidly deliver whole slide scans of cytology samples and blood smears. The goal is to allow the practicing clinician to make real-time decisions on cases currently in the hospital.

Download the results of our trial on NVA Share here. We hope this pilot trial can provide you with greater insight into the technology, so you can determine what works best for your practice and patients.

The Medical Advisory Board

Special to NVA, our Medical Advisory Board functions as an expert board of veterinarians dedicated to improving the comfort and well being of patients by providing progressive veterinary care guidance.

Please reach out to them with questions or ideas on how they can help optimize your daily practice life. Email them at

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