7 Highlights from the WVC Product Review

In February, the Medical Advisory Board sat down with 26 vendors at WVC to get updates on new products, technologies, and medicines. Some companies and products stood out to us, and we have highlighted seven. We have also provided summaries of the other products we viewed so you may determine if they’re right for your hospital.

1. Companion Animal Health: Regenerative Therapies System

The Companion Regenerative Therapies System is an in-house solution that produces targeted therapies for the treatment of orthopedic injuries utilizing the patient’s cells. The system can process both Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate (BMAC) samples in-house, in less than 15 minutes. The PRP provides owners with long-term, cost-effective therapy for chronic and acute soft tissue injuries, arthritis, and other medical conditions. This system produces PRP samples that contain high concentrations of platelets and a reduction in both neutrophils and RBCs. The Companion Regenerative Therapies System includes an implementation support program to assist with the integration of regenerative therapies into the veterinary practice. Learn more at or download their published paper on NVA Share here. 

2. Firefly: Wireless Digital Video Otoscope

Firefly’s Wireless Digital Video Otoscope streams high-quality, live video to tablets, phones, and computers. The handset provides controls for resolution, video recording, and image capture, and is completely wireless. The images and video files can be attached to electronic medical records. The most common uses for Firefly otoscopes are clinical examination and education, keeping patient records, and documenting changes over time. Specula kits are available for vaginal and rectal exams. Learn more at

3. Ezee-Visit Pet Vet Mat

The Ezee-Visit Pet Vet Mat is designed to stabilize pets and is a Fear Free preferred product. The mat provides secure footing on slippery clinic surfaces. It is made with an oilcloth top and antimicrobial, nonskid padded bottom. It is easy to wipe clean with any sterilizing or cleaning agent and can be machine washed if needed. They are available in two paw print patterns and solid colors and can be ordered in three standard sizes. Custom printing and sizing also available (e.g., adding clinic logo, hallway runner, non-standard tables, or kennels. Learn more at

4. Talkingvet Veterinary Speech Recognition Solutions

Talkingvet offers several different options to provide veterinary dictation software. The partnerships with Dragon Medical, Phillips, and SayIt software allow for AVImark integration and dictation automation. Over time, the software adapts to commonly used terms and individual speech patterns, allowing the veterinarian to build a personal library. Special NVA pricing is available. Learn more at

5. AuxThera: Trimauxil Dog Food Supplement

Trimauxil is a canine weight loss product that addresses both the pathology of a dog’s excess weight as well as the owner’s compliance with the veterinarian’s feeding and snacking instructions for their pet. It is available as a palatable vet-only powder that is meant to have a limited duration of use with a nutritionally complete food. Trimauxil works to signal apoptosis of lipocytes, causing a reduction in white fat. It is used in conjunction with a mobile app that educates and engages owners to improve appropriate feeding compliance. The product is available with a convenient clinic starter pack to help with staff training and client educational tools. They offer a short technical live webinar with Q&A for new practices and NVA veterinarians interested in learning more about Trimauxil. This can be requested by sending an email to

For more info: Visit or download product detailers, case studies, and videos on NVA Share here.

6. Mila International: PinkPoly Catheters and CathCollar

Mila International provides a large amount of medical instrumentation for animals. The PinkPoly Catheter is a general-purpose catheter used in a variety of veterinary procedures, replacing the traditional red rubber catheter. The PinkPoly is made of a non-leaching polymer, has a polished tip with side holes, and is radiopaque with depth markings. It is available with a funnel hub or a female Luer hub in multiple lengths, including longer lengths for male dogs.

The CathCollar is available for both cats and dogs to use with esophagostomy tubes, BE tubes, central lines, and to protect glucose monitors. A Guidewire Inserted Chest Tube Procedure Kit is available for placement using the Seldinger catheter-over-guidewire technique. Learn more at and watch this video: Placement of Guidewire inserted Chest Tube

7. Steris: RIGID and OrthoZip

RIGID Reusable Sterilization containers provide a durable, long-lasting packaging system for sterilization, storage, and transport of veterinary medical devices. The containers can save on time, reduce environmental impact, and provide more efficient storage of surgical sets. The self-retaining orthopedic bone screw rack has a patented silicone gripping device that keeps surgical screws from falling out of the container. This allows for more efficient storage of orthopedic bone screws.

The Orthozip Lateral Suture System allows for the stabilization of the canine stifle to surgically treat cranial cruciate ligament injury. It uses a high-strength, silver-coated fiber and a patented crimp-less extracapsular stabilization system with an adjustable knotless technique. Learn more at


Other Products from WVC

IDEXX now offers a digital cytology service that enables veterinarians to receive pathology interpretation of cytology slides in 2 hours or less, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The Digital Cytology instrument has automated scanning at a 4dx objective resolution and self-loading of the images. The results are connected to VetConnectPlus, so the pathologist can also review other diagnostics already performed through IDEXX laboratories. Learn more at

Royal Canin
Blucare is a new hematuria detection product. The granules, which are designed to be added to litter, change to a blue color within a few seconds in the presence of blood and remain blue for up to 48 hours. Pill Assist is now available in a feline formula. 91% of cats have been shown to accept this soft, moldable treat, which can be used to administer oral medications. A helpful hint for using Pill Assist is to use one hand to touch the pill and the other hand to fold the treat over the pill, so none of the pill taste is on the outside of the pill assist treat. There are also some changes to their line of therapeutic diets. The Gastrointestinal Puppy food is now available in cans and a larger 22 lb bag, and Gastrointestinal Kitten is now available in wet and dry formulas. Learn more at

Hydra Care is a palatable liquid supplement to encourage drinking and support hydration in cats. It contains nutritional osmolytes that cause absorption of water by the cells in the gut and peripheral tissue, as well as encourage retention of water by the body. Cats have a low thirst drive that can make them prone to inadequate hydration that can lead to a number of conditions, including chronic kidney disease and constipation. Hydra Care has been demonstrated to improve liquid intake in cats by an average of 28% more each day than water alone. It is served in a separate bowl in addition to water and food bowls. Download detailers and published articles on NVA Share here.

Anubis Bio
DoggyStat is a non-antibiotic overnight relief for acute canine diarrhea. It uses tailored antibodies to neutralize canine enteric infections. The DoggyStat’s targeted pathogen IgY antibodies are harvested from the eggs of vaccinated chickens and then combined with bovine colostrum. A single dose can resolve diarrhea symptoms within 12-24 hours. This is a commercially available product.

SunTech Medical
The SunTech line of veterinary BP monitors offers options for accurate, fast, portable, and continuous non-invasive BP monitoring on awake or sedated animals. The motion tolerant technology allows for more accurate blood pressure readings on recovering and awake patients and is considered a Fear Free Preferred Product for their quiet operation. The monitors are available for multiple parameters and include Bluetooth capability to allow the uploading of data for reporting. Learn more at or read the article in ScienceDirect, “Validation of the oscillometric blood pressure monitor Vet20 SunTech in anesthetized healthy cats” here. Download SunTech tips for BP.

Micro Vet Diagnostics
Micro Vet has several different diagnostic machines available. The Test & Treat Rapid UTI & Sensitivity System is a proprietary system that detects the presence of bacteria in urine and also quantitates antibiotic effectiveness. It requires a catheter or cystocentesis urine sample. The analyzer works by measuring bacterial ATP activity. The same reaction is used to determine the correct antimicrobial therapy. Validation studies are currently in progress and pending publication. Micro-Cube is an immunoassay system that uses multiple modalities, including fluorescence, turbidimetric, and spectrophotometric analyses, to detect and measure hormones, therapeutic drugs, enzymes, and other analytes. The Color Spot Chromogenic Microbiology Culture Identification and Sensitivity System is a culture system that tries to simplify microbiology to make it easily performed in the clinic setting. The HealVet is a coagulation analyzer that employs both optical and mechanical clot detection in one system. It offers a complete menu of clotting factors, including Pt, Ptt, Fibrinogen, ACT, and TT.  Learn more at

Spectrum ACTT
Spectrum is a service that provides environmental and food sensitivity testing as well as hypo-sensitization treatment options. Spectrum’s ELISA-based serum test uses proprietary methods in order to produce a highly specific result. The Carbohydrate Cross-Reactive Determinants (CCD) technology helps to reduce IgE interference, which allows for more accurate blood allergen results that are comparable in accuracy to intradermal allergy test results. It is recommended that once testing is completed, a diet trial is performed to complete a proper allergy workup. The hyposensitization treatment options include allergy injections or sublingual allergy drops. Test and treat packages are available.
Download the results booklets on NVA Share here. Learn more about CCD role in allergy testing

Compounding Pharmacies

In recent years, the practice of veterinary compounding has garnered significant attention on the part of the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM), the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), state Veterinary Medical Associations, and other stakeholders. Though state and federal regulations around compounding have been hotly debated, many practicing veterinarians are unaware of the regulations which govern compounding. The Medical Advisory Board (MAB) is providing the following resource in order to educate our veterinarians about veterinary compounding and the regulations which impact it. Download our Veterinary Compounding guide here.

Two companies we met with, Covetrus and Wedgewood Pharmacy, offer compounding services:

Covetrus has now partnered with Roadrunner Pharmacy and Atlas Pharmaceuticals to offer customizable solutions to provide treatment when commercial products are not available. This includes novel dose forms to dose difficult patients and flavoring to help with palatability issues. Options include transdermal Clickdose pens, soft chews, and OTI-PACKs.

Wedgewood Pharmacy
Wedgewood provides several different options for both dosing and ease of medicating. Options include catnip-scented tinytabs, quadtabs, and twist-a-dose. Wedgewood is constantly working on expanding its formulary of available compounded medications. They are looking at potential legislation changes and have continued to work to comply with the changes. Wedgewood has a large customer care team and a dedicated account management team that is able to provide fast and personalized service.

ElleVet is a CBD + CBDA product that was developed to be a safe and effective alternative or adjunct to NSAIDs and opioids. All products have supporting efficacy, dosing, and safety data, including clinical studies at Cornell on dogs with OA. The product is specially formulated with a novel blend of cannabinoids and terpenes. There is a stringent quality control system with full traceability, third party lab analysis with spot checks, and the company is in the process of getting GMP certified. Available in chews and oil formulations. Download detailers and studies on NVA Share here.
View the MAB’s Position on CBD use in pets here.

FidoCure is an alternative option in canine cancer therapy using genomic sequencing of formalin-fixed tissue. They can utilize the original biopsy from the original histopathology lab to identify genomic mutations/alterations and suggest targeted oral therapies individual to each patient’s genetic mutations. The gene guided cancer treatment is accompanied by a Tele-Oncology service to provide guidance for the veterinarian. There is a cost for the genomic testing and veterinary report, including therapy recommendations, as well as a cost for the targeted therapies for the life of the patient. The focus is for the general practitioner to be able to provide this service for their patients and increase the number of both diagnostic and therapeutic options for dogs with cancer. Learn more at

Phycox is a soft chew joint supplement that contains Phycocyanin with multiple antioxidants. Patented Phycocyanin is a natural antioxidant, derived from blue-green algae, that has powerful free radical scavenging properties. Phycox HA can be used in dogs with food sensitivities or intolerances because it uses hydrolyzed vegetable protein from soy. Vetivex is a crystalloid fluid in a PCV-, latex- and DEHP-free bag, which allows for no medicine leaching, adsorption, or absorption. Dechra also provides a fluid rate calculator app called Vetivex that is available for free. To learn more, download the Phycox studies on NVA Share here.

Fur Baby Tracker (FBT)
FBT is a cloud-based application to help with communication between veterinary teams and pet owners. The pet owner specific application is available for iOS, Android phones, and desktop browsers. The pet owners elect to have FBT during the hospitalization or daycare of the pet. The veterinary staff can then update communications, the status of pets, and recommendations for care through the application. The goal is to keep owners updated on the status of their pet, but also help create easier and faster communication between the veterinarian and client. FBT has a monthly subscription for the clinic, and an individual cost per patient tracked. At this time, there is limited practice management software integration.

Element UF is a veterinary urine and fecal analyzer that is now available. Element UF can prepare, automate, and image feces and urine specimens in minutes. Sealed cassettes are used, and digital images are available for immediate results and storage into medical records. Allercept is available for allergy testing and treatment. The serum IgE testing utilizes a patented Fc receptor technology that shows high specificity. Patient-specific therapy recommendations are then tailored to the results and patient history and are available in both injectable and sublingual therapies. Read the HESKA sublingual article for more info.

Hill’s Science Diet
Youthful vitality is an over-the-counter diet that is available for senior dogs. Hill’s has looked at the genetic responses to food to evaluate and create a diet that provides precisely balanced nutrition to fight the effects of aging in the older dog. The formulation helps to support brain function, interaction, energy, and vitality.

The VetScan Sediment Analyzer provides high-resolution urine sediment images with classification capabilities. VetScan will provide quantitative and semi-quantitative analysis of sediment particles in urine samples. Urine for testing is directly drawn by the analyzer from any sample tube and produces 96 images for review. The Vetscan is designed to be utilized in combination with urine chemistry and other clinical diagnostics to obtain a complete evaluation of the disease process affecting the patient.

MovoFlex is a joint supplement that is made with a unique mix of proprietary ingredients, including Boswellia serrata, Zanthin, and eggshell membrane. It is not a glucosamine and chondroitin-based supplement and does not need a loading dose. EasOtic is available again for the treatment of otitis externa. It requires one pump in the ear once a day for five days. The measured pump covers the surface area in the canal of any size breed of dog. Learn more at

American Regent
Adequan is available as an injectable medication used in the reduction of non-infectious osteoarthritis in horses and dogs. It is created from a unique SMOAD and DMOAD molecule that is excreted by the kidney. In vitro, it inhibits degradation and stimulates the production of the cartilage matrix. Adequan can be used as a proactive intervention at the first sign of equine or canine DJD. New recommendations for the dosing schedule is now available.

Bravecto Plus is a topical flea, tick, heartworm, and intestinal parasite preventative for cats that lasts for two months and is labeled for cats six months of age or older.

The Medical Advisory Board

Special to NVA, our Medical Advisory Board functions as an expert board of veterinarians dedicated to improving the comfort and well being of patients by providing progressive veterinary care guidance.

Please reach out to them with questions or ideas on how they can help optimize your daily practice life. Email them at

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