WELLNESS & SELF-CARE · August 30th, 2020

Community PAWcasts: Self-Care for Uncertain Times

by Turpin Mott


The ongoing crises of 2020 have brought an array of new, unforeseen challenges to our daily lives. As we strive to manage uncertainty and anxiety, we can sometimes forget about caring for ourselves. To help, the Community team and I have created a series of PAWcasts to support the well-being of our fellow teammates.

The tools you will gain in this series will help you stay centered amid chaos. Each 15-minute session begins with an introduction to the specific practices you will experience. The first PAWcasts each address a different realm of the whole person – the four aspects of ourselves that must be in balance for optimal well-being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. These sessions also provide additional tools and exercises for handling difficult situations and maintaining a positive and supportive attitude. Enjoy and remember to share the PAWcasts with your team or anyone who could use some self-care!

PAWcast #1 | The Physical Realm

In this session, you will gain awareness of physical stress and healing and learn a calming breathing technique. For more about the physical realm, read about the benefits of cleansing, activation, and relaxation in this article: “Change, Loss, and Recovery.”


PAWcast #2 | The Mental Realm

Our minds are always busy and often spending time regretting the past or worrying about the future. In this session, you will experience mindfulness, the practice of being fully present and in the moment.


PAWcast #3 | The Emotional Realm

Learn how to observe your five basic emotions – without judgment – and identify the messages and needed actions arising from these emotions. As a coping tool, you will acquire the ability to create the space to respond rather than react.


PAWcast #4 | The Spiritual Realm

Our spiritual realm focuses on who we truly are, our purpose, our personal why. In this session, you will learn how to identify your positive qualities and outdated negative perceptions. You will acquire tools to reinforce the positive and release the negative.


For more Community resources and wellness information, visit our new page on NVA Share here. You’ll find:

  • Wellness best practices
  • PAWcasts series
  • The Empowerment Dynamic
  • Communication resources
  • Articles and Reading recommendations

Or email us at and ask us how we can support you and your team.

Turpin Mott


Support Center | Boulder, CO

Turpin officially joined NVA in July 2015 after having worked as a consultant with the company for the previous eight years in a variety of organizational development roles. He has extensive experience in facilitating and guiding leaders and teams to increase efficiency, capacity, and collaboration. He helps create solid foundations for individuals and teams based on accountability, integrity, authenticity, and responsibility which directly impacts the success of the organization. Turpin is also a Combat Action Veteran, having served with the United States Marine Corps in Desert Shield and Desert Storm in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. He attended Louisiana State University.

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