CLIENT COMMUNICATION · February 10th, 2021

3 Reasons Why Hospitals Love Using AllyDVM to Communicate With Clients

by Tiffany Lindsay


For many practices, client communication has historically been time-consuming and inefficient. Sending reminders, service updates, or lab results involved clunky processes like copy-pasting between programs or manually personalizing messages. And in the era of Covid, with many new protocols in place, day-to-day interactions have heightened the need for quick, streamlined communication.

To help, NVA launched AllyDVM, a tool for General Practice hospitals that enables faster, more efficient ways to communicate using text, email, postcards, a mobile app, and more. And the tool has been a hit! With unlimited, customizable, and automated options that sync with most practice management software (PIMS), nearly 400 NVA hospitals have adopted AllyDVM. And many are seeing positive results, including:

  • More visits and fewer no-shows
  • Increased client compliance
  • Improved health and wellness for pets
  • Simpler, more user-friendly tools for staff
  • Greater convenience for everyone!

So what makes AllyDVM better than other client communication platforms? Here are 4 ways AllyDVM has benefited practices in our community:

1. Two-way texting enables real-time interaction.

AllyDVM’s two-way texting feature lets hospitals send and receive text messages from clients in real-time, right from the clinic’s desktops. For Vicki Dobrovolny, Hospital Manager at Lake Street Animal Hospital, two-way texting is her favorite feature. It’s helped improve curbside service and free up phone lines. “Even though we have 6 lines, on really busy days (which are most days), clients would call and get our voicemail, hold, or wait for a callback,” she says. “Now, they can text, and we respond right away. As long as AllyDVM is running on our computer station, the notifications pop up — alerting all stations a client has arrived or has a question.”

Patricia Munson, Hospital Manager at Murrieta Oaks Veterinary Hospital, has seen efficiency improvements as well. Two-way texting helps her team reduce trips to the parking lot. “If we want to share a Paw Plan brochure, a link to our consent form, or other materials, we simply text the information instead of bringing it out to their car,” she says. “And they respond right away.”

While two-way texting helps improve curbside care, it also has long-term benefits with automated text communication that saves time for users and clients. AllyDVM’s text templates use pre-populated language for standard updates like appointment confirmations or test results. Clinics can send these messages with a click of a button. “We’ve created several new templates for daily communications,” says Vicki, “including post-visit follow-ups, surgery updates, prescription requests, payment queries, and more! My CSRs let me know what templates will make things efficient, and I create them in minutes.”

Patricia’s team also uses two-way texting to reach staff on-site. “We give staff members smartwatches and text them patient updates or info, so they can read it just by looking at their wrists – no matter where they are in the hospital,” says Patricia. “The staff loves it, and I love that they use it!!”

AllyDVM’s texting feature also logs every text communication for patients’ records or future reference. “I enjoy being able to track and see what communications have been sent out or if the client opened or read the information,” says Ali Cook, Hospital Manager at Crest Hill Animal Hospital. “It helps streamline our processes, and I’m hoping to continue utilizing it to its fullest potential.”

AllyDVM can significantly increase client response and engagement, as shown here by two NVA hospitals that switched to the platform.

2. Cleaner, customizable email messages help improve compliance and engagement.

For most hospitals, client email lists can be complex and include pets of different species, ages, or care needs. AllyDVM syncs with most PIMS to target any type of patient with customized, personalized messaging. From appointment reminders to upcoming services to seasonal offers or birthday greetings, creating email campaigns with AllyDVM is easy. And 50% of clients who receive AllyDVM reminders come in for a visit.

“Our reminder platform was seriously outdated,” says Jennifer Holmberg, Hospital Manager at University Veterinary Hospital. “It didn’t integrate well with our PIMS, often included errors we couldn’t fix, and the templates were an eye-sore. After switching to AllyDVM, we’ve seen improvements in email reminders across the board. They’re easier for our team to build and schedule, and clients have been more responsive.”

In addition to cleaner-looking emails, Jennifer’s team appreciates how emails now direct clients to their website to book and confirm appointments. Messages are more timely and relevant, and templates update automatically with business hours, service changes, or new check-in procedures. “No-shows have really gone down,” she adds. “We believe this is a function of the 2-hour appointment reminder and cleaner structure of the system. AllyDVM makes us look more professional and prepared.”

“Because of Covid, we’ve had to change our operating hours pretty frequently,” says Patricia. “With AllyDVM, you make the changes in one spot, and it’s instantly updated in any email that goes out with reminders.”

And just like texts, AllyDVM allows users to build mass emails using templates that pull data from the PIMS to make each communication personal. Whether you want to promote a new exotics veterinarian to reptile owners, send a supplement discount to senior pets, or remind puppy patients of their vaccinations, the “filter” feature helps get emails to the relevant subset of your client base.

“Instead of just throwing emails or reminders out there hoping to catch some appointments, I feel like we have a more targeted approach to client retention and attraction,” says Jennifer. “We have the ability to put thought and strategy into it, and it’s really helped.”

The AllyDVM Retention Calendar helps your front desk see who’s missing reminders, contact info, and more.

3. The Retention Calendar makes it easy to manage missing client information.

For many practices, incomplete or inaccurate contact information can result in low client retention. Invalid emails, mailing addresses, or missing mobile numbers can lead to missed reminders and overdue services, impacting patient health. AllyDVM’s Retention Calendar integrates with your PIMS to help keep info current and flag appointment opportunities.

Through the software, you can update records, make notes for your team, and even send direct messages in real-time to clients via email or text. And the system proactively sends alerts about data issues, so you make changes quickly and easily. As a result, practices can generate more visits and revenue using the Retention Calendar.

“Alerts from the Retention Calendar have helped us clean-up AVImark,” shares Jennifer. “We are definitely getting more phone calls from clients who received reminders than before.”

“We are heavily using AllyDVM,” says Justin Hashagen, Hospital Manager at Broadview Animal Clinic. “We have secured additional appointments as AllyDVM recognizes clients who have other pets in their family and includes prompts to book appointments for them, too.”


The benefits and features of AllyDVM don’t end here. In addition to streamlining reminders and communication, the platform helps deepen client engagement with tools to build loyalty programs, create satisfaction surveys, and pull reports and insights that can improve decision-making. It’s built specifically for the veterinary practice, with its unique challenges in mind.

“AllyDVM provides a nice birdseye view of the client and all of their pets,” says Justin. “It helps keep all our patients healthy throughout their clinical journey with us.”

For an overview of all features and benefits, visit our AllyDVM portal,  And if your practice is interested in adopting the platform or learning how to optimize the tool further, we’re here to help! We offer onboarding resources, training services, and promotional materials, and more! Email us at

Tiffany Lindsay


Support Center | San Diego, CA

Tiffany Lindsay is a member of NVA’s marketing team where she supports our community by driving client engagement & retention initiatives. She resides in San Diego with her beloved cats, Josh, Jesse and Pebbles and her husband Dan, whom she has converted to a fellow cat enthusiast.

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