DENTISTRY · February 15th, 2021

How Flat-Fee Pricing Can Increase Dental Visits

by Julie Dunn


For caregivers in our General Practice hospitals, the advantages of promoting dentistry are clear. Preventive dental care helps lower the risk of periodontal disease, minimizes medical costs for clients over time, and, most importantly, improves patients’ quality of life. Furthermore, it’s good for business. More than any other service, dentistry offers significant revenue growth opportunities.

So why do so many hospitals struggle with increasing dental visits? If your clients frequently decline dental services or often wait until an issue becomes more severe, pricing may be the problem.

Recently, some hospitals in our community have found success with Flat-Fee Dental Pricing. Historically, many practices structure fees based on their own perception of value. But without any benchmark, clients can’t distinguish between various procedures and may feel confused or alienated by a long list of itemized costs. A straight-forward menu of flat, packaged rates for various levels of service, can have multiple benefits:

  • A flat-rate pricing plan is easier to communicate and, therefore, easier for clients to comprehend and embrace.
  • Clients know the charges upfront, making the payment process simpler and more streamlined.
  • You can align pricing packages with the 4 dental disease grades, building awareness for the various levels of care.
  • Offering flat fees creates a competitive advantage and a unique way to stand out in your community.

Of course, Flat-Fee Dentals may not be right for every practice. Factors to consider include dental caseload, client demand, and the number of clinicians trained and equipped to provide dental services. Still, it’s a known fact that one out of three pet owners remain unaware that their pets need dental care. By implementing simplified pricing strategies, we can change client perceptions, reduce cost deterrents, and ensure more pets live longer healthier lives.

For more information on Flat-Fee Dental Pricing, email me at For more ways to enhance your dental program, contact your division’s leadership.

Julie Dunn


Support Center | Blue Point, NY

Julie joined NVA in 2018 and supports our Northeast General Practice hospitals in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and New York’s Metro and Long Island Region. She lives in Blue Point, New York with her husband Tommy and son Aiden.

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