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3 Reasons Why Hospital Leaders Love “Easy Editor”

by Pete Helvey


As animal care professionals, your days are rarely predictable: A doctor may call out sick, impacting business hours; an unexpected storm may require you to close early; or the unthinkable happens (i.e., a pandemic), and your hospital has new safety protocols for clients. You need to communicate these updates quickly and make them easy to find on your website.

That’s where Easy Editor can help. It’s another benefit of NVA that makes our hospital leaders lives easier and ensures your website has the most up to date information. If your website is on the NVA platform, Easy Editor enables you to:

  • Alter business hours on your website and across the internet (Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc.)
  • Display a banner with emergency information at the top of your website
  • Edit staff details and add new groups and team members to your staff pages
  • Submit requests to our Support Team for further personal assistance

Today, nearly 600 NVA hospitals use the tool. Users find it saves time, strengthens client communication, and makes life just a little bit easier.

Here are three reasons why hospital leaders love Easy Editor.

1. Easy Editor Saves Time

Easy Editor offers control over some of the most critical areas of your website. “It’s been such a welcome addition to our toolkit!” says Chantel Corey, Hospital Administrator at Quail Corners Animal Hospital. “During Covid, it was imperative to pivot, adjust, and notify clients of changes on the fly. Through Easy Editor, we can make edits ourselves at any time – day or night. It’s a real time-saver.”

Whether you’re updating hours, banners, or bios, Easy Editor lets you preview changes – in both desktop and mobile view – as you make edits. When you’re ready to publish, changes appear live on your website in under 15 minutes.

When editing, John Bonine, Hospital Manager at All Pet Complex, appreciates the preview window. “This way, I can play with the wording and see how it looks visually. It’s a lot easier than trying to explain to the help desk over email what I want it to look like.”

Furthermore, when you update business hours through Easy Editor, those changes cascade across the web, appearing on websites clients search most like Google and Facebook. You don’t have to worry about Google Maps saying you’re open when Facebook says you’re closed. Easy Editor makes business hours consistent. “As the name implies, it’s really easy,” says Chantel.

2. Easy Editor Enables Quick Client Communication

Quite often, clients need to know urgent information before they arrive or book appointments. If you’ve implemented a new check-in process or suddenly changed operating hours, the emergency banner can help. Once activated, a prominent alert appears at the top of your homepage displaying your essential news. Soon, Easy Editor users will be able to change the color of their banner from red for emergencies to a default theme color for general announcements.

When a winter storm hit Colorado last year, Hospital Manager Brittany McDonald enabled the banner to help communicate her hospital’s closure and refer medical emergencies to a local emergency center. “Clients should have that kind of information readily available, instead of having to search for it,” says Brittany, who manages East Springs Animal Hospital and Black Forest Veterinary Clinic. “Easy Editor makes that possible! When we returned to normal business hours, I disabled the banner in less than a minute.”

Black Forest Veterinary Clinic utilizes the Emergency Banner to communicate a promotion and remind clients their lobby is open again.

As Covid restrictions ease and lobbies reopen, the emergency banner has proved to be an important tool. “As my clinic shifts away from curbside, the Emergency Banner makes our clients aware of significant workflow changes,” adds Brittany. “I appreciate the autonomy to make edits and have them posted right then and there.”

3. Easy Editor Helps Promote Staff

If a new doctor starts or a Veterinary Technician earns a new certification, you want to promote those details on your team pages. Easy Editor makes it simple to update staff photos and bios instantly.

For Hospital Manager Sashua Patton, rapid growth and staff changes made it hard to keep her team’s pages current. Managing teams at two locations – College Garden Animal Hospital and Carlsbad Animal Clinic – made it even more challenging. “Trying to update staff profiles was a nightmare. I would get small updates from people randomly. I would gather them over time and submit one help desk ticket for numerous changes,” she says of her experience before Easy Editor. “Now, when a tech asks to update her profile photo, I respond with an easy and excited YES!”

“Our hospital is growing a lot,” adds John. “So being able to add new team members so quickly has been awesome. They love seeing their pics and bios on the website so shortly after starting with us.”

For many local leaders, the ability to alter team info is the most popular feature. “Our staff is the heart of our practice, and I’d like them to be recognized and represented well!” says Emilie Sitzman, Hospital Manager at All City Pet Care West. “I can rapidly make changes when necessary.”

“Our staff info is always current thanks to Easy Editor,” says Brittany. “It’s so current that when one of our veterinarians had new grandbabies, we updated the bio, and shortly after, a client who came in for an appointment offered their congratulations. It was heartwarming to see our doctor and client connect on a bit of news that may not have been known otherwise.”

As for getting started, Emilie encourages all NVA hospitals to take advantage of the tool. “Hop on and explore! There are lots of opportunities to personalize content and tell the stories that make your clinic unique!” Managers can even delegate access to someone else on their team or in their field leadership.

Ready to get started with Easy Editor?

We will continue to update Easy Editor with new functionalities for locations on the NVA Website Platform. The platform is designed specifically for veterinary practices and offers a tremendous value that includes: 

  • Personal 1:1 service with web experts in the NVA Support Center 
  • Regular copy and imagery updates to improve SEO and user experience  
  • Integrations with other NVA digital tools such as online booking  
  • Opportunities to provide feedback to enhance platform 

Visit GP Connect to view Easy Editor resources, such as a Training Guide, Standard Emergency Banner Copy Template, and Frequently Asked Questions. A Weekly Group Training session is always available on Mondays from 9:00 – 9:30 a.m. PST. Click here for a 1:1 session.

For additional questions or information on joining the NVA Website platform, please email

Pete Helvey


Support Center | West Hollywood, CA

Pete Helvey is a native of the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. Growing up on a farm with horses and many other pets, he developed a profound love and respect for animals from an early age. He has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry including roles at several startups, Microsoft, Amazon, and with PwC consulting Fortune 500 companies on digital transformations. He’s a world traveler who’s been to over 40 countries and is passionate about causes around social equity and animal rights. Pete joined NVA in 2020 and creates innovative digital projects for our NVA community.

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