Travel Health Certificates: Simplifying the Process in 5 Steps

by Laurel Brewster


With pandemic restrictions easing and summer in full swing, many clients are looking to travel the world again – and bring their pets along with them. As a result, the demand for veterinary health certificates is high. Pet owners often look to us to provide the right documents, vaccinations, exams, transport details, species requirements, and specific regulations of the destination country. But at a time when our hospitals are busier than ever, this time-consuming and complicated process can be quite a burden on doctors, staff, and resources.

At SouthCare Animal Medical Center, we recently reexamined our Travel Consultation service and developed a new, simpler method that works better for our clients and us. In fact, we’ve established a reputation as the go-to clinic for health certificates in the Spokane area.

“This is the place to get your international health certificates,” noted a client in his recent five-star review. “The staff was friendly and wonderful and the process simple.”

Here’s how we provide veterinary health certificates:

  1. Designate “Travel Consultants” to manage initial paperwork. We assigned two veterinary assistants, one CSR, and myself to send forms and information upon request.
  2. Ask clients to schedule an appointment with one of our Travel Consultants. After the initial paperwork is completed, we ask clients to make a “tech appointment” with one of us even before seeing the veterinarian.
  3. Review all information with the client. Our Travel Consultant walks clients through the timeline during the appointment, covering the info they’ve already provided and what remains outstanding.
  4. Finalize all documentation. We ensure clients know what they need to submit and may schedule another consult if required.
  5. Patients visit with our veterinarian. Then, with documents complete, the final step is a breeze! Clients schedule an appointment with a doctor who knows what relevant vaccinations, tests, or treatments are required before they arrive!

Doctor appointments that used to take over an hour now happen in a fraction of the time.  The process is more efficient, clients understand what’s required, and everyone’s life is just a little easier.

For questions or more details about our process, email me at

Laurel Brewster


SouthCare Animal Medical Center | Spokane, WA

Laurel was raised in the sunny state of Florida but was actually born in Washington. After finding her way back to the beautiful Pacific Northwest, she graduated from The Evergreen State College in 2011. She started working in emergency veterinary medicine as a kennel assistant, which then transitioned into a job as an assistant with a mobile veterinary radiologist. One thing lead to another (as life sometimes does) and she got an opportunity to work in a specialty hospital. Critical care medicine will always hold a special place in her heart, but gaining experience in neurology, surgery, oncology, ophthalmology, and internal medicine was equally as exciting to her! This field is her “happy place” in life.

She and her husband are super outdoorsy – camping, hiking, gardening, traveling. In the summer of 2018, she welcomed her first daughter. She’s also a proud parent of many fur and feather babies: Steve the rescue border collie mix, Tyke the parvo-surviving border collie, George her bottle-fed cat, and Oliver her shower-singing Amazon parrot. Plus a myriad of farm animals!

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