COMMUNITY · July 19th, 2021

NVA Wellness Retreats: Dates for 2022 are Here

by Torrie Barclay


Are you looking to create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle so that you can be your best for yourself and those around you? If so, you’re in luck! The NVA Community Team just opened spots for their 2022 Wellness Retreats: Health of Healers, Connect, and Women Empowering Women! Sign up now and choose a date and time that works best with your busy schedule. See below for more information on each retreat, how to RSVP, and how to nominate a team member.

Health of Healers

Created for hospital leaders, such as Medical Directors, Managing Doctors, and Practice Managers, this four-day retreat is designed to help:

  • Address prevalent feelings of burnout, isolation, and overwhelming responsibility experienced by veterinary professionals
  • Reconnect with original calling and purpose
  • Learn ways to manage stress, strengthen leadership skills, and connect with peers

Next Steps: If you are an Operations or Site Leader and want to participate in Health of Healers, please click here to RSVP.


This retreat is designed for clinical team members whose work and influence is considered critical to the success of their hospital. Over two days, attendees will discover how to:

  • Manage their energy to create healthy boundaries and live with focus
  • Use awareness to develop and empower self and others
  • Transform drama situations to those of choice and empowerment

Next Steps: If you are a DVM, Technician, CSR, or any other clinical team member and want to participate in Connect, please get approval from your leadership and then click here to RSVP.

*NEW*  Women Empowering Women Retreat

In this experiential program designed for women by women, participants will:

  • Explore emotional intelligence, well-being, biases, inner critical messages, and limiting behaviors and beliefs
  • Learn new tools to deal with stress and how to better communicate, collaborate, and lead authentically
  • Gain a deeper access to their inner wisdom

Next Steps: If you are a female leader and want to participate in Women Empowering Women, click here to RSVP.

Once we receive the completed RSVP form for any of the retreats, you can expect the following: 

  • Thirty to sixty days prior to retreat start date, we will send an email invitation for you to complete registration, book travel, and confirm your attendance. (Email will be generated from our third-party partner Cvent).

Nominating Team Members:

If you are an Operations or Site Leader and want to nominate a team member to attend one of the retreats, please complete a nomination form:

Please feel free to reach out to the Community Team with any questions or concerns at

Torrie Barclay


Support Center | Monument, CO

Torrie is a member of our Community Team where she designs, implements, and evaluates programs that facilitate professional development, promote well-being and continuous learning throughout the NVA community. She resides in Colorado with her husband Roy, her two Children Ashley and Christopher and their 3 dog fur babies, Jackson, Charlie and Luna. Torrie’s ‘Why’ is to inspire others to share their gifts, so that all are Heard, Seen, and Loved!

2 Responses

  1. Tricia Hunt says:

    Where are these retreats located???

  2. Jennifer Gardner says:

    Is there more information on women empowering women? Location and date? I’m with countryside pet clinic and resort in Wichita, KS. I am a supervisor and receptionist.

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