FOR THE ❤ OF ANIMALS · September 15th, 2021

PetSuites Protects Pets from Hurricane Ida

At NVA, Service Excellence is one of our core values because, as a community of servant leaders, we aim to provide the best possible experience for the animals and people in our care. Recently, the PetSuites teams in Covington and Baton Rouge, Louisiana embodied this value in preparation for Hurricane Ida.

As the storm rapidly approached, the teams had over 190 pets in their care. Together they spent 70+ hours gathering food, supplies, water, and 100+ gallons of gas to power their generators. As outages loomed across Louisiana, the animals would need protection from the sweltering heat. Many team members stayed overnight for 3 days, not wanting to leave the pets alone.

PetSuites team members prepare for the worst.

“We have an amazing team filled with individuals who are passionate, kind, and hard-working,” they said. “Even during a storm, they managed to create happy and fun experiences for all of our guests.” After the storm hit, water was scarce, and power was inconsistent, but all pets and people were safe.

The team stayed overnight to care for and calm pets during the storm.

The PetSuites Covington team also stepped up to help their neighbor, the Northshore Humane Society (NHS), as their animals were struggling in these dangerous living conditions. Without hesitation, they took in and cared for their 70+ animals. “The staff worked tirelessly to make room for our animals, completely clearing out our shelter,” said the Northshore Humane Society. “We are so lucky to have such amazing people in our community who truly care about our animals and our mission to save lives.”

The Northshore Humane Society dropped off their rescue animals at PetSuites Northshore and the team loved their new guests.

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