FOR THE ❤ OF ANIMALS · September 23rd, 2021

Caring for Buffalo’s Wet-Nosed Crimefighters

City Creatures Animal Hospital in Buffalo, New York is proud to provide medical care as well as free exams, medication, vaccines, and procedures to all six members of the Buffalo Police Department’s K-9 unit.

Many of the police service dogs accompany officers on patrol, assist SWAT teams, help identify narcotics or detect explosives – with most having multiple talents. “Each K-9 does the work of multiple human police officers, and they are invaluable to the department and our city,” said Veterinary Technician Casey McCrossan.

That’s why City Creatures Animal Hospital wanted to do their part to give back.

Recently, they became the official care team for all six members of Buffalo’s K-9 unit. Through donations from vendor partners and staff volunteering their time, they are able to play an active role in ensuring their health. “We want them to get the highest level of care without worrying about cost concerns,” said Casey.

In addition, to help raise the required funds for protective gear and other support, they turned to the one thing that could unite their whole community: hockey.

(Top left to right) Officer Bauer & K-9 Cairo, Officer Ahearn & K-9 Justice, Lt. Baker & K-9 Paddy, Officer Richards & K-9 Shield, Officer Mikac & K-9 Hydro, and Officer Domaracki & K-9 Lehner.

Earlier this year, their “Blue Line for Buffalo” hockey fundraiser invited people from all over their community to watch the Buffalo Police Department play against the Buffalo Fire Department. A variety of local vendors donated everything from the venue – the Buffalo Harborcenter – to food, prizes, and more. At half-time, the K–9’s put on a show, providing a demonstration of some of their skills. The dogs stayed around after the event to take pictures with the guests.

As a result, their combined efforts also helped raise enough money to provide the unit with a new canine!

Officer Domaracki and K-9 Lehner at the “Blue Line for Buffalo” hockey fundraiser.

To pay for their care in 2022, they plan to host another fundraiser in February. The event was so popular, their team has decided to host it annually, so they may care for the unit as long as possible.

As a kid, Casey grew up with firefighters in her family. Dawn, their Hospital Manager, also has family in law enforcement. For them, providing these police dogs with top-notch, cost-free care was not just the right thing to do, it was also personal. “These dogs (and their handlers) work hard to keep our city safe, so we wanted to do our part to give back!” said Casey.

Veterinary Technician Casey (left) and Hospital Manager Dawn with K-9 Paddy.

All veterinarians play an important role in serving the animals of their community. Animals bring us so much joy and happiness. At City Creatures Animal Hospital, they want to do their part for those animals who keep us all safe, too.

Learn more about their team by following them on Instagram at @citycreaturesbuffalo, or visit them online at

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