CLIENT ENGAGEMENT · September 24th, 2021

3 Creative (and Cost-Effective) Ways to Show Clients You Care

We all want our hospitals and pet resorts to feel like a home away from home for the clients and animals in our care. A warm and inviting environment helps build trust and can ease anxiety before surgeries, visits, or drop-offs. But going that extra mile can feel challenging when you’re short on time, budget, and space. Yet these care teams proved a little creativity can make a big impact without a big spend.

Here are three creative and cost-effective ways to show clients how much you care:

1. Design a surgery check-in board to put pet owners at ease. 

Riverview Animal Hospital in Durango, Colorado, used to keep track of their patients’ surgeries on a chalkboard, but their Managing Veterinarian found this antique window to use instead. Every night at closing, they take a few minutes and a few dry-erase markers to create friendly designs using the names of surgery patients visiting the next day. Their team takes turns making the artwork, but they said their star artist is their amazing Client Care Representative and Receptionist, Elise.  

“Our team loves the board!” says Lisa, Client Service Representative at Riverview Animal Hospital. “It’s also a special way to greet our surgery check-ins for the day.” 

2. Memorialize pets who’ve passed with a simple rock garden. 

At Puppy Playground in Indianapolis, Indiana, the team converted a planting bed into a rock garden memorial. The garden honors pets who used to frequent the resort before crossing the rainbow bridge. 🌈  The team opened the garden earlier this year on World Pet Memorial Day, and invited clients to paint a rock for their pet. It’s a creative way to repurpose an existing space and show clients how much they care.

“The team had a lot of fun (and shed quite a few tears) painting the rocks and helping clients make them,” said Doran Langley, General Manager at Puppy Playground. “The dogs of Puppy Playground always have a place in our hearts and now a place of remembrance.”

3. Build a backdrop to showcase new patients on social media.  

Mundelein Animal Hospital in Mundelein, Illinois, documents their patients’ first vet visit using this inexpensive, plastic chalkboard and posts the photos on their social channels.  

“We started sharing these photos to gain more interactions with our clientele,” said the Mundelein Animal Hospital team.  “It’s also helped maintain some of the connections we have lost since Covid.”

Metropolitan Animal Specialty Hospital (MASH) in Los Angeles, California, created an outside wall feature for visitors and their pets to take photos.

“We wanted to create a happy space for our clients to come to and snap pictures of their fur babies,” said the MASH team. “Even though our doctors can’t see pet parents face to face, we still want them to feel our love and know we care.”

These photo backdrops make clients feel like they’re part of your community, and you don’t have to spend a ton of money or time making it. Bonus: When clients post the repost the photos, they help promote your hospital or pet resort.

Do you have an inexpensive and creative way to show clients you care? Share them with us in the comments below!

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