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Our 9 Favorite Photos of the Fall (So Far)

Fall is in full swing! And while the season may be changing, our love for animals remains the same. No matter the species or where we are in the world, the people in our community share a common drive to bring joy to those in our care. In celebration of this spirit, here’s a collection of some of our favorite fall photos from around NVA.

Pine Ridge Equine Hospital in Glenpool, Oklahoma

1. Pine Ridge Equine Hospital

Dr. Matz and Lemon showcased some flower power at their community’s “Trunk or Treat” event. Local businesses, including Pine Ridge Equine, decorated cars and trucks (and horse trailers!) as kids went from vehicle to vehicle to collect candy. Kids voted on their favorite “trunk” and awarded these two ‘hippies’ first place! “Lemon was THE perfect pony. She patiently received endless love from kiddos of all ages,” said the team. “Many kids expressed this was their first time petting a real pony!” Clearly, Lemon inspired a few future equine veterinarians.

Quakers Hill Veterinary Hospital in Quakers Hill, New South Wales, Australia

2. Quakers Hill Veterinary Hospital

This joey got lots of love from the team at Quakers Hill Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Jasmine, Nurse Stephanie, and Practice Manager Jill Johnston cared for the baby kangaroo after a stress-related illness. “Sometimes joeys are rescued from their mother’s pouches if they’re hit by cars as they cross the roads,” they said. “We often have wildlife carers bring in animals for various health reasons. We’ve helped kangaroos, wallabies, possums, lizards, pythons, rainbow lorikeets, and other native birds. During the bushfires last year, the number of orphans and injured wildlife was heartbreaking.” We are grateful to have

Summer Street Cat Clinic in Getzville and Buffalo, New York

3. Summer Street Cat Clinic

An arm full of cuteness will always brighten your day. “Dr. Ryndak was so happy to see this litter of sphynx kittens,” said the team at Summer Street Cat Clinic. Even though Dr. Ryndak just celebrated her 9th work anniversary at the clinic, cuddling with kittens never gets old. “These babies and mom had the best wrinkles!”

Back Bay Veterinary Clinic in Boston, Massachusettes

4. Back Bay Veterinary Clinic

Chinchillas were made for chillin’. Truffles came in for an annual check-up with Dr. Gannaway and got some cuddle time as a bonus. “Dr. Gannaway really enjoys treating all types of exotics,” said the team at Back Bay Veterinary Clinic, who joined the NVA Community this October.

Islington Village Animal Hospital in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

5. Islington Village Animal Hospital

Poppy, a nine-week-old kitten, came in for her very first exam and wanted to be sure Dr. Schuilenberg was giving her an A+. While that’s not exactly how things work, her enthusiasm (and curiosity) was much appreciated by the entire team.

Ridgetop Animal Hospital in Silverdale, Washington

6. Ridgetop Animal Hospital

In honor of World Smile Day, puppy patient Rocket showed off his big grin. “Rocket thought Dr. Hawks’ joke was PAWSITIVELY hilarious,” said the team at Ridgetop Animal Hospital. Remember, one smile can make someone’s day.

PetSuites Newport News in Newport News, Virginia

7. PetSuites Newport News

Frohe Oktoberfest! Doggie daycare turned into a festive German paw-ty as the pups at PetSuites put on their lederhosen to celebrate Dogtoberest. 😆 The event included a fun photoshoot and a raffle basket full of goodies. “Nothing like a little bit of dress-up at Daycare,” said the team.

Pender Veterinary Centre in Fairfax, Virginia

8. Pender Veterinary Centre

Bandit, a water monitor, came in for a wellness exam with Dr. Shearer, and the team was thrilled to welcome her to their Exotics department. “These large lizards are native to South and Southeast Asia and can reach up to 8 feet long,” said the team. “Keeping them as a pet can be difficult unless done by someone with years of reptile expertise.”

Sunbury All Creatures Veterinary Clinic in Sunbury, Victoria, Australia

9. Sunbury All Creatures Veterinary Clinic

During her recent visit, Charlotte received plenty of hogs and kisses from Dr. Watt (in addition to excellent care, of course). “Charlotte, a mini-pig, came in with a dislocated hip,” said the team at Sunbury All Creatures Veterinary Clinic. “But she’s now happily running around in her paddock again.”

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