NVA COMPASSION-FIRST · January 21st, 2022

Learn About Our New Specialty Advisory Board

We recently established NVA Compassion-First’s Specialty Advisory Board (SAB), a group of medical leaders that will support our foundational principle of providing world-class medicine.

The SAB will accomplish this through medical innovation, cross-functional collaboration, strengthening relationships with partners in academia and industry, and the development of resources for the hospitals. And the group is committed to ensuring broad participation to achieve diversity in perspective and experiences.

In November, the SAB, led by our Clinical Advisor, Dr. Stacy Burdick, met in Sarasota, Florida, for its first meeting. There, the group welcomed clinical and operational leaders to discuss the future growth of our industry.

The group was full of positive energy and impactful ideas. And importantly, determined the mission to carry the SAB forward:

Leading the evolution of veterinary medicine

Evolution is an ideal term to describe our path. After all, it’s ongoing, imperfect, the result of chance and the growth that comes from mistakes. Evolution has no defined endpoint and serves as the result of, or in response to, the pressures of the environment at a given point in time. It feels just right for our intended purpose as veterinarians serving in today’s environment.

We also confirmed the chairs of each of our seven committees:

  • Medical Innovation – Chair Dr. Brandi Mattison
  • Medical Assurance – Chair Dr. Rebecca Salazar
  • Marketing, Recruitment & Communications – Chair Dr. Michelle Fabiani
  • Training & Education – Chair Dr. Carrie Waters
  • Clinical Studies – Chair Dr. Brooke Fowler
  • Network Engagement – Chair Dr. Eric Glass
  • Retention and Wellness – Chair Dr. Emi Knafo

After establishing the mission and committees, the rest of the time was spent developing priorities for each committee. We are now working with committee chairs on a list of members who will help us achieve those priorities.



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