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Applications & Products Catalog

The Applications & Products team partners with our hospital and field leaders and Support Center staff to find the right platforms and applications to help us operate successfully. Check out our preferred list of vendors and the products available.

Business Apps & Products

To schedule a demo or introduction to the business vendors listed below, contact Nicole Vollert or Deirdre Dickey.

ezyVet – Best-in-class practice management software designed specifically for Specialty & Emergency medicine. Over 50% of the hospitals in our portfolio have converted to ezyVet in the past three years.

Smart Flow – Digital whiteboard tool that integrates with ezyVet.

rVetLink – Referring veterinary management and communications software. Veterinarians can refer patients directly to ezyVet for the hospital to follow up with. Automated outbound communications ensure the referring veterinarians stay informed of patient status.

ER Express – Patient queue management software that helps alleviate hospital phone volume and frees staff to allow them to focus on the patient. Clients can wait in the comfort of their own homes before being seen in the hospital. Hospital staff triage patient acuity based on custom intake questionnaires. Clients complete and sign consent forms before the patient is seen.

TekCollect – Reduce the time your staff dedicates to Accounts Receivable collections with a low-cost solution that integrates with ezyVet and other practice management systems.

PayJunction – A payment platform offering contactless and remote payments. Integrates directly with ezyVet in the U.S. (enterprise contract pending).

Zingle – A robust & customizable SMS communications platform. A lower-cost alternative to other platforms with features such as automation and decision trees. Did you know ZipWhip will be discontinuing service this year? If your hospital uses ZipWhip, consider Zingle as an alternative.

CountThings – Inventory counting app compatible with iOS and Android devices. Take a picture of your inventory and let the software do the counting.

Clinical Apps & Products

To schedule a demo or introduction to the clinical vendors listed below, contact Adam Zilberman.

Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS)
The following diagnostic imaging solutions support all modalities such as dental x-rays, ultrasound, digital x-rays, endoscopy videos, MRIs, and CTs.  Built to integrate with ezyVet and fully supported by our NVA C-F Information Technology support teams:

  • Asteris Keystone – Cloud PACS solution to store, access, transfer, share and view digital images.
  • VetRocket RocketPACS – Cloud PACS app and browser for image viewing. Powerful PACS engine provides fast image streaming, queries and downloads.
  • IDEXX WebPACS – Cloud PACS integrates with DICOM-compliant modalities, such as CTs and MRIs. The interactive collaboration includes live chat and annotation when combined with VetConnect Plus.
  • Sound Imaging – SmartPACS 2.0 is an innovative and easy-to-use image viewing platform that uses a hybrid deployment model of the cloud with the speed and accessibility of on-site access.

Digital Cytology
The following digital cytology machines have complete blood count pathology reviews; lymph nodes, skin and SQ masses, abdominal organs and masses, abdominal effusion, thoracic effusion, thoracic masses, pericardial effusion, urogenital, vaginal cytology, oral and nasal masses, joint taps, BAL/TTW, CSF cytology, bone lesions, bone marrow, pre-surgical planning, and more.

  • HeskaView Telecytology – Digital cytology allows 24/7 access to veterinary clinical pathologists who can assist with the diagnostic evaluation of your patients.
  • Scopio – Full-field peripheral blood smear application on the X100 offers full-field imaging and an AI-powered Decision Support System (DSS) with remote capabilities.
  • IDEXX Digital Cytology – Whole-slide interpretation in two hours or less, IDEXX’s largest global network of veterinary clinical pathologists.

 Controlled Drug and Inventory Management Cabinets & Software

  • Cubex –Offers DEA-compliant smart cabinets suitable for any practice size, with the option to customize a solution for any inventory management need.

Ultrasound machines
Core Imaging, GE Healthcare, Sonosite, Phillips, Siemens and Toshiba.

Dictation software
TalkingVet – Cloud-based dictation software with veterinary-specific vocabulary.


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