NVA COMPASSION-FIRST · June 13th, 2022

ER Practice Development Lead Shares Passion for Emergency Medicine

Most veterinarians who choose emergency medicine don’t stay more than a few years. According to Matt Booth, DVM, DABVP (canine and feline), one of the main reasons is the lack of long-term professional identity, value and esteem. Emergency practitioners work a demanding schedule and face unique challenges, contributing to a diminished work-life balance compared to other veterinary professionals. Dr. Booth hopes to change this in his new role as ER Practice Development Lead for NVA Compassion-First.

He believes veterinarians can happily serve as career-long emergency practitioners with the right systems. In his new role, Dr. Booth will share the incentives – far beyond pay and benefits – of becoming an emergency practitioner and help create support systems in the form of mentors and clear paths to mastery for those looking to dedicate their careers to the profession.

“I want to build positive relationships and provide a clear path for emergency veterinarians to thrive in their career,” he said.

He plans to go into our hospitals and fill in where emergency help is needed. While at the hospitals, he’ll also bring awareness to ER Immerse, our mentorship program that provides career pathing for emergency medicine, and offer consultative support to the hospital to ensure their ER departments thrive. The program provides three training tracks to meet each doctor’s individual needs.

Developing our ER Immerse program is critical in retaining, attracting and developing our talent.

Dr. Booth will develop and support the program’s didactics, assist in creating quarterly continuing education events for the ABVP track, and mentor ABVP mentees. He’ll also serve as our Specialty Advisory Board’s ABVP Representative.

Eventually, he hopes to partner with our GP facilities as well as our Canadian and Australian hospitals to promote the wellbeing and retention of ER veterinarians.

And while recruitment is essential, his main focus will be on retention. By focusing on retention, we’re honoring loyalty, he said.

“If done properly, emergency medicine is the most fun and rewarding profession. Practicing all disciplines at a high level and fast pace is part of the love for emergency practice,” he said.

Clinical Advisor Dr. Stacy Burdick is incredibly excited about this new role.

“In our current environment, focusing on our ER veterinarians is vital to the health of our practices,” she said. “Dr. Booth’s experience, passion and excitement make him the perfect role model and leader to drive these important initiatives forward. I cannot wait to see what he is able to accomplish!”

Although his new role is a part-time gig, Dr. Booth will be stepping down from his position at Colorado Animal Specialty & Emergency in Boulder. He will remain in Colorado, where he lives with his spouse, two children, and cat, Bob.

To learn more about his position or our ER Immerse programs, contact Dr. Booth.

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  1. Linda Sisti says:

    Welcome Dr. Booth.
    Our clinic just experienced the retirement of our two 40+year ER DVM’s. The vaccuum their departure has caused while painfully real has further revealed the extreme shortage of ER DVM’s. I’m thrilled to know of you, your program, and your efforts to develop and retain ER talent. You are that light at the end of a very long tunnel.

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