Dayna Willems, DVM


Centennial, Colorado

Dr. Willems has loved animals from a very young age, helping her mother with wildlife rehabilitation and caring for the many pets she had as a child. From there it grew into a lifelong passion for helping all animals, from the common to the most unusual. Dr. Willems earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree from the prestigious Texas A&M University after completing her Biomedical Science degree. Dedicated and compassionate, Dr. Willems has special interests in preventative care, emergency medicine, surgery, and especially exotic animal medicine. She is a well-known reptile enthusiast active in the local reptile community. Outside of work, Dr. Willems loves spending time exploring the Colorado outdoors, doing various art projects, and spending time with her husband and two boys.

A Texas native, Dr. Willems has a BIG animal family: dogs Parker and Hogarth, kitties Izzy & Pangur Ban; box turtles Callie, Hallie, Emmy, Oona, Matilda, Dash, Ava, Abigail, Olive, Fig, Dill, Sage, Spot, Bonnie, Betty, Bebop, Lola, Pirate; redfoot tortoise Rudy, sulcata tortoises Scarlet and Rhett; axolotl Ariel; leopard geckos Mesa, Tuscon, and Sedona; Kingsnake Noodle; Crested Gecko Taco, and a fancy pigeon named Juniper. Almost all of her pets are rescues.

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